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Kendriya Vidyalaya Morena

Ambah Road, Post: Jigni,

Morena (M.P.) - 476001

Lok Sabha Constituency MORENA-SHEOPUR




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Latitude of KV

26 31' 51.74" N

Longitude of KV

78 2' 58.86" E

Elevation from sea level

 577 Feet

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This vidyalaya exists on Morena - Ambah road in between Mudiya Khera and Jigni Villages at the distance of 6 kms from Morena Central Railway station. KV Morena enjoys the pleasures of the lap of remote rural side witnessing a vast villages cape consisting around ten villages. The Emperor building of this vidyalaya stands amidst wide extends of agricultural fields ruling far and wide scattered big and small village subjects.